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Hālau Ha`a Kea o Mokihana was established by Kumu Hula Paul Neves. In 2013 he passed the kuleana of the Hälau to his daughter, Kumu Hula Akala Nahikulani Neves. In 2016, a year after her move to Austin, TX, Kumu Jenn Kēhaulani Riddick started Hālau Ha`a Kea o Kēhaulani and was handed the kuleana for Hālau Ha`a Kea o Mokihana. Our Hālau adhere by these principles: 


`OHANA (family) - We are inclusive and share our aloha with everyone around us. We must learn as one and love as one to be able to dance as one.  


DISCIPLINE - As individuals we are humble and gracious. We practice and come to class prepared and on time. We seek the positive in every situation we're faced with. As dancers we follow proper protocol in our oli, dances, uniforms and implements. As `ohana we seek ways to help eachother. 


HULA - With `ohana as our foundation and discipline as our guide we are able to open our hearts and connect with the mele (songs) we are learning. When we dance hula we let our hearts guide us.

Jennifer Kēhaulani was born in Salinas, California. Her `ohana is strongly rooted in the Hawaiian culture with family lines tied to O`ahu, Kaua`i, Maui, the Big Island, Philippines, Portugual, and Japan.  Kēhau was the first child on her paternal side to be born on the mainland U.S.  Her family was spread throughout the Monterey Bay area as both of Kēhau's grandfathers served in the military and were stationed at the old Fort Ord.  Though they later moved to Gilroy, California (Garlic Capital of the World!) they spent a majority of the time in Monterey to be with `ohana.  Kēhau began dancing hula with her Aunty Lei Fernandez in Marina, California when she was five years old.  When she was twelve she began dancing with Kumu Kaimi Matthewsz.  Kēhau moved to Honolulu in her early 20's and married her husband, Scott, in 2004.  They welcomed their son, Ian Kahiapokukunaokala, to their family in 2006.  A year later Kēhau and her `ohana relocated to Washington D.C. where she began studying hula more intently under the direction of Kumu Hula Paul K. Neves of Keaukaha-Hilo, Hawaii, and later, his daughter, Kumu Hula Akala Nahikulani Neves.  Kumu Paul is a student of the late Kumu Hula Wayne Kaho`onei Panoke, who in turn was a student of the late Kumu Hula Winona Kapuailohiamanonookalani Desha-Beamer.  In June 2009, Scott and Kēhau welcomed a daughter, Adri Pōhinala`anuionālani, to their family.  They made their final move to Austin during the summer of 2015.  In January 2016, Kēhau traveled to Keaukaha-Hilo, Hawaii where she was ‘uniki to Kumu Hula by Kumu Paul Neves.  With the knowledge and humility that she will continue to learn and grow, she hopes to enrich the lives of her `ohana, her haumana (students), and her community through hula and the Hawaiian culture.


To contact Kumu Kēhau directly, please email or call


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