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Hälau Ha'a Kea o Mokihana is a traditional hula hälau located in the Washington D.C. metro-area.  Our Hälau was established in 2006 by Kumu Hula Paul K Neves. Mokihana is the name of his wife, Wanda Mokihana Neves, and refers to the rare lei of Kaua'i. Its fragrance and beauty is unique and not all people can wear it. Aunty Wanda symbolized that rare person and we are asked to wear our own uniqueness in Hälau Ha'a Kea o Mokihana. This Hälau was named in her honor. Kumu Hula Akala Nahikulani Neves (Kumu Paul's daugher) began leading the Hälau in 2013. The kuleana of the Hälau was then passed to Kumu Jenn Këhaulani Riddick in 2016. Our colors are green and black. Green represents the forests and lawns of the D.C. Metro-area, as well as the green Mokihana lei of Kaua'i. To Kumu Paul, green also represented constant growth and freshness. Black is the inclusion of all colors, meaning all are welcome.


Classes for those wanting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Hawaiian cuture and hula protocol. Emphasis on mastering hula basics, self-reflection, self-discipline, humility, & nurturing a family atmosphere. We will learn oli (chant), hula kahiko (ancient hula) & hula `auana (contemporary hula) while also learning such things as Hawaiian language, costuming, & lei making as we progress along. No experience necessary, just a sincere desire & commitment to learn about the Hawaiian culture!

Hälau Ha`a Kea o Mokihana

Hybrid Classes (Mostly in-person, with an occasional virtual class)

Spring 2023

Email for more information

Times (Sundays)

2:00 - 3:00: Keiki

3:00 - 5:00: Makua


or for more information please contact us at:


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